The development of this web application was an initiative of the Queensland University of Technology’s Ecoacoustics Research Group. This website makes use of a range of other technologies and libraries.

More information can be found on the QutEcoacoustics Github project page.

Programs and libraries

  • Ruby on Rails (with a number of additional gems)
  • Resque
  • Redis
  • Command line audio tools:
  • ffmpeg (for audio conversion and gathering audio file information)
  • SoX (to create spectrograms and resample audio)
  • WavPack (to expand compressed .wv files)
  • mp3split (for quickly segmenting large .mp3 files)
  • AngularJS
  • D3.js

Platforms and services


  • NeCTAR for academic cloud infrastructure
  • QRISCloud for providing our queensland based compute, storage, and support service

More here at our partners page.